Industrial Field

Recognized as official supplier company to provide main switchboards for Mc Donald’s Italy.

Highly specialized on existing and dated switchboards renovation throughout the refitting of old components with the most modern ones.

First aid service for extraordinary maintenance in case of sudden failures even on sites not supplied from our company.

Realization of plants for compression and refrigeration of gas in primary Italian and foreign factories both in food and pharmaceuticals fields.

Switchgears for cogeneration plants with biogas/methane compressors such as for example turn key project of a whole harbor-industrial fridges complex in Guinea.
Engineering consultancy for LNG plants such as for example Greenville Oil & Gas Ltd in Port Harcourt   Nigeria.



Supply of main switchgears 400/220Vac and UPS section.

• Supervision and control system with time management of the users and HMI touch screen.

• Standard CASA-CLIMA integration for the supervision of the temperatures, humidity and Co2 of the internal and external areas.

• Extremely compact structures to optimize the spaces.

Greenville Oil & Gas co ltd

Greenville LNG

Technical consulting and supply of switchgears for the low voltage distribution for LNG plant in Nigeria.

• Explosion proof and intrinsic safety modules.

• Auxiliary power distribution.

• High power totally integrated in a compact switchgear of small dimensions.

Mukki Latte


Chiller plant switchgears for milk factories of Florence/Pistoia/Livorno.

• Automation and monitoring system.

• Heavy start control by softstarter and automation system integrated.

• Power distribution through copper busbars with rated capacity of 1400kW.