In addition to the new switchboards production usually is provided a complete consulting service and technical assistance about refitting of existing and already operative switchboards.
Since 2016 the company became ABB Authorized Service Provider for ABB S.p.A.

With this title the company is authorized to provide a qualified service, maintenance, renewal and technical assistance on ABB old products. 

Other than ABB products the company can carry out retrofitting services of obsolete breakers from the main international brands such as:

 Schneider Electric – Siemens – Terasaki – General Electric

Here below some of the latest maintenance and retrofitting project from marine and civil fields:

  • AIDA Cara
  • AIDA Vita
  • Costa Mediterranea
  • Costa Neo Classica
  • Kingdom 5KR
  • Silver Galapagos 
  • Polar Tankers
  • Motor Yacht La Tania
  • Motor Yacht Oceana
  • Motor Yacht Espadarte
  • Motor Yacht Capella C
  • Ospedale Villa Scassi (GE)
  • Ospedale Psichiatrico Genova Quarto (GE)
  • Corte Lambruschini (GE)
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