Marine Field


The flexibility is the main feature.

Capable to manage every kind of project, from the small yacht to the big cruise ship, passing through the commercial or Oil & Gas ships.

Design and realization of power and distribution switchboards, automation and monitoring panels with the goal to satisfy all the requests of every customer.


Remarkable experience with a lot of upgrades and refitting project completed on every different type of ship, from pleasure yacht to commercial and cruise ships.

Quick upgrade on obsolete switchboards replacing old breakers and components with those of new generation.

Adaptation of copper busbars distribution system with solid and precise solutions.

The same for the generators control, synchronization and load sharing devices availing of the cooperation of the most modern and reliable controllers on the market such as DEIF and ComAp.

Providing of all the switchboard complementary systems, to ensure a “turn key” supply package for the whole electrical plant.

  • Starter Panels
  • Lighting distribution panels
  • Small power distribution panels
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Fire detection system
  • Public address
  • General alarm systems
  • Talk back systems
  • Automatic telephone system
  • Synoptic panels for navigation lights
  • Level sensor monitoring systems.